Paint.NET Vs. Photoshop Express

The web designing market is revolutionized with the onset of different kinds of digital editing programs. Amongst all, Paint.Net and Photoshop have been considered the two jewels that can transform the world of web designing. Many designers use both the above mentioned programs on a daily basis to transform their vision into a reality. Whether doing works on editing screen shots, blog posts, and creating educational material/training manuals, both these digital editing tool definitely can make the difference the quality of output.

Paint.NET can be easily downloadable and performs quick tasks easily as less than five seconds. The software can do many complex editing works as well. However, people who want to do real graphic manipulation need to get Photoshop.

The False Impression:
As anticipated, the new ‘Photoshop Express’ is not a slimmed down version. In addition, it is not even installable and the software runs only on browser. On the other hand, Paint.NET is a slimmed down version which can be easily installed in your system. The second major difference is in the working of graphics applications that give responsive and effective results regardless of the platform; installation or web. Being a browser based application, Photoshop Express takes a lot of memory. Also, all the images have to be uploaded to the server and when you apply the filters, adjust contrast, color combination or other functionalities; the originality of the image gets badly affected. The software is slow and graphic manipulation tools are also not very effective. The lack of functionalities is another impediment in using the software properly.

On the contrary, Paint.NET works perfectly for any need. You can install them quickly and start the editing work right away!

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